cordial drink

cordial drink
 крепкий напиток

English-Russian dictionary of culinary. 2014.

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  • Cordial — may refer to: Squash (drink), a non alcoholic fruit drink concentrate Elderflower cordial, a non alcoholic beverage Cordial (medicine), a medicinal beverage Cordial (candy), a type of candy that has a fruit filling inside a chocolate shell… …   Wikipedia

  • cordial — [kôr′jəl; ] chiefly Brit [ kôr′dē əl] adj. [ME < ML cordialis < L cor (gen. cordis), HEART] 1. Rare stimulating the heart; invigorating; reviving 2. a) warm and friendly; hearty [a cordial hello] b) sincere; deeply felt …   English World dictionary

  • Drink — Drink, v. t. 1. To swallow (a liquid); to receive, as a fluid, into the stomach; to imbibe; as, to drink milk or water. [1913 Webster] There lies she with the blessed gods in bliss, There drinks the nectar with ambrosia mixed. Spenser. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cordial — (adj.) late 14c., of the heart, from M.Fr. cordial, from M.L. cordialis of or for the heart, from L. cor (gen. cordis) heart (see HEART (Cf. heart)). Meaning heartfelt, from the heart is mid 15c. The noun is late 14c., originally medicine, food,… …   Etymology dictionary

  • cordial — ► ADJECTIVE 1) warm and friendly. 2) heartfelt and sincere. ► NOUN 1) Brit. a sweet fruit flavoured drink, sold as a concentrate. 2) chiefly N. Amer. another term for LIQUEUR(Cf. ↑liqueur). 3) …   English terms dictionary

  • cordial — [[t]kɔ͟ː(r)diəl, AM ʤəl[/t]] cordials 1) ADJ GRADED Cordial means friendly. [FORMAL] He had never known him to be so chatty and cordial... He said the two countries had close and cordial relations. Ant: hostile Derived words: cordially ADV GRADED …   English dictionary

  • cordial — cor|di|al1 [ˈko:diəl US ˈko:rdʒəl] n [U and C] 1.) BrE sweet fruit juice that you add water to before you drink it ▪ lime cordial 2.) AmE old fashioned a strong sweet alcoholic drink = ↑liqueur ▪ an after dinner cordial cordial 2 cordial2 …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • cordial — 1 noun (C, U) 1 BrE sweet fruit juice that you add water to before you drink it: a lime cordial 2 AmE old fashioned a strong sweet alcoholic drink; liqueur: We were offered an after dinner cordial. 2 adjective friendly but quite formal and polite …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • cordial — I UK [ˈkɔː(r)dɪəl] / US [ˈkɔrdʒəl] adjective formal friendly Relations between them remained cordial. Derived word: cordiality UK [ˌkɔː(r)dɪˈælətɪ] / US [ˌkɔrdʒɪˈælətɪ] noun uncountable II UK [ˈkɔː(r)dɪəl] / US [ˈkɔrdʒəl] noun… …   English dictionary

  • Cordial (medicine) — This article is about medicinal cordials. For other uses, see Cordial (disambiguation). Old apothecary bottles of the kind once used for cordials …   Wikipedia

  • cordial — cor|dial1 [ kɔrdɜəl ] adjective FORMAL friendly: Relations between the two countries remained cordial. ╾ cor|di|al|i|ty / ,kOrdZi ælEti / noun uncount cordial cor|dial 2 [ kɔrdɜəl ] noun count or uncount 1. ) AMERICAN a sweet thick alcoholic… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English